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2021 Graduation

Cal Prep's Graduation will be held Thurs., June 3, 2021. Full-time Cal Prep seniors: please order caps and gowns through Cal Prep/Graduation Source (see below). Dual-enrolled Cal Prep seniors order caps and gowns through the resident high school so that you can wear your resident school's graduation attire in both ceremonies (Cal Prep's and resident high school's).

Full-time Cal Prep seniors only: To order your cap/gown/tassel, go to this link for the company Graduation Source.

For $25.40 total (debit or credit card) you will be able to choose your size and order a navy blue gown, cap, and 2021 navy and gold tassel. For those students who will be valedictorians (which will be determined at the 12-week progress period), you can choose to order the white valedictorian cap and gown and gold tassel directly from the website. If you are unsure if you will most likely be a valedictorian, please contact me.

All caps and gowns will be delivered to Cal Prep in late May; we will notify you when they are ready to be picked up.

For any questions, please contact the Cal Prep office: 949-234-5317

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