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Cal Prep Misson

Mission Vision Values Venn

Cal Prep's Mission/Values/Beliefs

Cal Prep's Mission

California Preparatory Academy’s Mission is to provide interactive, media-rich educational opportunities in a flexible, student-centered environment that will prepare students to be globally competitive citizens by expanding their educational opportunities while developing essential 21st century skills.

Cal Prep's Values

  • Academic achievement and enrichment
  • Data driven decisions and innovation
  • Collaborative culture among all stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement
  • Relationship building through clear and timely communication
  • Stakeholder involvement and teamwork
  • Community relations-customer service oriented

Cal Prep's Beliefs

  • Every child can learn
  • Every child can be motivated to learn
  • Every child can achieve his or her potential when challenged
  • Every child deserves to be treated with respect and should provide respect to others